Career Profile

Experienced in web application development and Linux administration. Excellent at scripting and at home on the command line. Always on top of technology trends and industry news. Hard working, adaptable, and always willing to learn new skills.


Senior Software Developer

Apr 2016 – Apr 2020
Gooee, Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Developed a greenfield IoT smart building platform for managing/analysing power usage and space utilization
  • Created a permissions system to allow scoping of different entities in a multi tenant environment”
  • Implemented OAuth for the API to allow third party application access
  • Worked on a rules engine that allows users to control devices based on environment values
  • Architect-ed cloud infrastructure for an MQTT solution using AWS IoT to allow devices to report telemetry
  • Led effort to improve code standards using automated tools
  • Setup code deployment pipelines and serverless architecture for several micro services
  • Added a voice interface for actuating devices in a building

Tech Stack: Python, GoLang, Groovy, JavaScript, AWS, Jenkins Pipelines, Jira, Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, Docker, MQTT, OpenSSL, OAuth, Statsd, Slack, Git, Linux, Bash

AWS Specific: CloudFormation, Lambda, IoT Core, Kinesis, EC2, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, S3, Route53, API Gateway, Alexa, ECS, ECR, RDS, IAM

Software Developer

Apr 2015 – Dec 2015
General Electric Transportation, Jacksonville, FL

  • Maintained a Django web application to track railway assets
  • Developed in a mobile first environment using responsive libraries
  • Improved the build process by introducing Fabric as a task runner
  • Responsible for both front-end and back-end development
  • Developed in a Docker environment
  • Worked under Agile Scrum methodology

Tech Stack: Python, Jira, Django, Nose, Fabric, Mercurial, MySQL, South, HTML, CSS, Less, Bless, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Docker, NPM, Grunt, Bower, RequireJS, Modernizr, Agile/Scrum, Git, Mock, Linux, Pip, Pygrametl, Bash

Software Developer

Nov 2013 – Apr 2014
Quality Distribution, Tampa, FL

  • Developed Logistics Python web application on Google App Engine
  • Developed Android data entry application used in conjunction with web application
  • Worked under Agile Scrum methodology

Tech Stack: Python, Jira, SqlAlchemy, Nose, Paver, Mercurial, MySQL, GAE, Jinja2, Android, Gradle, Alembic, JavaScript, jQuery, Jenkins, Agile/Scrum, Git, Mock, Linux, Pip, ORMLite

Python Developer

Jan 2013 – Oct 2013
Catalina Marketing, Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Developed Python API back-end for web application on Heroku
  • Pushed Test/Behaviour Driven Development
  • Worked under Agile Scrum methodology

Tech Stack: Python, Jira, SqlAlchemy, Pytest, Unittest, Agile/Scrum, Git, MongoDB, Heroku, Mock, Celery, RabbitMQ, Bash, Postgresql, Linux, Alembic, Pip

Associate Engineer

Sept 2009 – Jan 2013
L3 Communications, Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Modified a Java based reporting tool to adhere to requirements from customers
  • Developed Linux OS images based on Kickstart scripts to be used as the base for internally developed software
  • Coded patches for field related issues
  • Bundled software into RPMs for deployment
  • Managed internal Linux development network
  • Wrote and update documentation for installation and use of developed software

Tech Stack: Bash, CMSynergy, Python, Pentaho, Apache Tomcat, Kickstart, Java, Ivy, GWT, VMWare, RPM Spec files, Cygwin, Named, Make, Postgresql, Linux

Software Developer

Jan 2012 – Jan 2013
Marine Mission Critical, Largo, FL

  • Designed an application to monitor boat diagnostics over serial communications
  • Implemented design as a Java GWT web application over Apache Tomcat

Tech Stack: Python, Java, GWT, Apache Tomcat, SQLite, Google Visualization API

Network Operations Technician

Jun 2008 – Sept 2009, Orlando, FL

  • Set up OpenVPN solution for clients
  • Scripted Linux activities to automate mundane tasks
  • Configured deployed dedicated servers
  • Maintained data center operations throughout the night
  • Created and took ownership of application to aid in watching ticketing system activity
  • Provided tech support to customers through ticketing system phone calls

Tech Stack: Bash, Python, Linux, Spacewalk, Cerebrus Helpdesk, Iptables, Named, Apache, MySQL

Second Life campus Developer

May-July 2008
FSU College of Information, Tallahassee, FL / Online

  • Constructed virtual campus in Second Life

Tech Stack: Second Life

Skills & Proficiency